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Your Daily Dose of Sunshin (no. 40)

Good afternoon, everyone!

Well! Everything's back to normal where I am, so why don't we have a longer entry now, hm? Methinks that'll be okay...

You know what the best things about fall are? Blankets and sweaters!

Now, usually, I'm not a big fan of fall. Everything starts to die and the sun goes away and then all the colors go away from the world once the leaves fall off the trees...but everything has a good side to it too! Blankets and sweaters, in my opinion, make fall worth all the other things that I don't really enjoy about it.

Don't we all have a favorite old sweater? You know the type...the one that's all frayed and stained, but's so comfortable that you can't stand to stop wearing it, even though it's not suitable for wearing out of the house anymore. It's impossible to wear sweaters in the summer, so your friend, the best sweater in the world, has to hide in the closet for three months until fall comes to let it out again. And isn't it nice to put it on again, really?

And in summer, it's also impossible to have blankets. (Unless you live in Antarctica!) It's nice when the weather is warm...but what's one supposed to do at bedtime? Sleeping without blankets makes me feel sort of sad. You can't wrap yourself up like a mummy, or pile on all the blankets until you can't move, and you don't really have anything to cuddle up next to, unless you don't mind being suffocated by a pillow. (Or if you share a bed with someone who doesn't mind getting suffocated, of course. ^^)

But once fall arrives, the weather starts getting cold, and it's time to bring back out the blankets. It's like a reunion! Think of fall as a gathering of old friends, your blankets and sweaters, instead of as the end of summer. Methinks the thought might be easier for us all to deal with that way!

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

Your Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 39)

Good afternoon, friends...

...um...well, today's an interesting day...er...everyone's sleeping. It's sort of odd...no one really ever sleeps much around where I live...really...

So, I think today's a good day to learn about how nice silence is.

Sometimes, no matter how much we all like music and all the other fun things in the world, sometimes it's nice to be in a quiet place. Actually, most of us aren't really aware of the ambient noise in our environments until they're removed. So...if you do happen to have a quiet moment today...enjoy it. They're very peaceful. ^^

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

((I'm so sorry it's so short. But it's so quiet...and I don't want to bother anyone...and sorry not so much enthusiasm, but the period key is quieter thanthe exclamation one. Well...er...thank you for understanding? I'm really sorry. There'll be more tommorow, I promise. ^^))


Hey there, strangers!

And another special, big and sparkly hello to all our newer members from this summer! We're glad to have you on board! Don't be afriad to share the love and post anything you feel might brighten someone else's day. ^^

Well, part of the reason why this place has been so slow as of late is because I've been traveling for most of this summer. France, Alaska, the South, the West...I've been just about everywhere over the course of these last few months. And why is this revelent?

I want to share a few things about the people I met in Paris.

Now, I'm the first to admit that I might have come to Paris with a bit of skeptcism. I'd heard from a lot of travelers that the people in Paris are a bit less friendly than the people elsewhere in France...but was I to be proven wrong? Of course! Two little stories stick out in my mind...

First, some friends and I were out around eleven and having trouble finding our way back to our hotel because our group leaders had just sort of...told us to come back on our own. We were standing at a corner reading a map when an old man walking his dog came up to us and asked us if everything was alright. A little garbled French later, we managed to get the right directions back to our hotel and we were on our way. Why does this stick out to me? First, even though it must have been obvious that we weren't French, he decided to talk to us in French nonetheless. If anyone else out there speaks a foreign language, and has tried to speak it while traveling, you'll understand what I mean when I say that that action really made me feel better about myself and my skills. Secondly, he didn't have to stop and help us, yet he made the initiative! Which really makes me have more faith in the world at large.

Second, I was very impressed by the actions of one of the employees at the monument for the French victims of the Holocaust that's in Paris. We'd gotten to the memorial late, around closing time, and they still let us in, first and foremost. Even better yet, when one of the guards saw me frantically trying to copy down some of the quotes on the memorial, he went out of his way to go get me a list of them and a translation, even though he was trying to close up at the same time.

Sure, they're little things, not really that important, but they really made me feel better about the city and about humanity as a whole. There are still people out there, believe it or not, who do go out of their way for others. And it just goes to show, sometimes it's nice to be proven wrong. Maybe if we all decided to go out of our way for someone once in a while, more people would have nice stories to tell about visiting the big city.

Just thought I'd share with you all a little bit of what I've been up to this summer instead of keeping up with this place...but expect more here soon! And, hey...if it seems to be dying a bit...don't hesitate to post something! The people who win are the people who share, after all.

Keep on the sunny side, everyone!


Your Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 38)

Hello again, everyone!

Do you remember magic markers?

Methinks I never understood why they were called magic markers, really...but they still were fun, weren't they? There's something really bold and fun about them! You know! You can hardly manage to be shy with them, they're so big and bold and pretty and all...

Er, well, anyways, I'm drifting off again. My point is...well...sort of like tag. Why did we ever stop using them? Sure, they're not really good for filling in forms because they're so big...but still! There are plenty of places to use them still! Notes, letters, memos...anything you'd like, really! Methinks everyone would be a lot happier getting memos with notes on in magic marker instead of in plain old blue or black ink.

Color is good for you, after all! It's a different form of stimulation, and stimulation keeps imagination alive! And we all know how important that is, right? Besides, I've never met anyone who didn't smile at a little personal touch on something given to them...especially when it's in rainbow colors. So why not share some happiness and start using them again? Methinks they make nice presents too, no matter how old one is. :)

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

Your Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 37)

Good morning everyone!

Methinks it's about time we all had a good game of tag!

Remember tag? When you were little? Methinks every country must have a game sort of like tag...the idea of tag must be in our minds from birth! Wasn't it fun? Running around and yelling and jumping and playing...

Methinks that might be why so many adults must dislike exercising. Because they think of it as exercise, something boring that they have to do every day, instead of thinking of it as something fun like playing a game!

Instead of walking around on those big clunky machines inside, try going outside for once! There's a lot to see out there, after all. If you've got a lot of good friends around too, give an old game a try! Playing isn't just for kids, after all. It's good for you to have fun! No matter how old you are!

It would be so neat, you see? Just walk up to one of your friends, tap them on the shoulder and tell them they're it. Then run, of course! And if they don't understand the first time, you can always try again, of course...

I wonder what would happen...if in some big city, some big group of friends got together and tried to start up a city-wide game of tag. Wouldn't that be great? Methinks a lot of people in big cooped up cities would feel better if they got out and played tag a little more often.

And, of course, tag is just a suggestion. There are lots of fun games other than tag. Or, you can even make up your own. Think big! There's no reason not to!

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

Your Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 36)

Bonjour, tout le monde!

If you’re feeling blue right now, don’t worry! There’s probably a meal in your future!

I’m so happy that I get the chance to eat new things three times a day, mostly because there are so many different things out there to try and so many wonderful people to try them with!

First and foremost, cooking itself can be soothing. Experimenting, trying new recipes, or even the comfort of the smell of one of one of your favorite meals in preparation...all these things make eating at home worthwhile! Instead of rushing the next time you feel pressed to make dinner, try slowing down a little and enjoy all the little parts of preparing a meal. Feel all the things you’re cooking, smell them, taste a little before you put it into the soup pot. The preparation of a meal is a feast for all the senses, not just your sense of taste!

And after that comes the part we all love best—eating! After you’ve leisurely prepared your meal, try enjoying it with a few of your friends or family members you’d like to catch up with! A meal can be more than just sitting and eating: it can turn into a party before you know it! And when you talk and eat at the same time, you have to eat slowly. Which gives you even more time to spend with your loved one, and even more chances to enjoy the food you worked so hard to make!

Even cleaning up can be fun, if you do it with someone you love! (And probably as long as you don’t mind getting a little wet. ^^) So, you see, there are lots of ways to turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one! And that’s just one meal! Remember, you have three chances at it every day!

Of course, after all that eating, maybe a little exercise will be in order...but that’s for tomorrow, mes amis. :)

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,


Hello, I'm new and I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. I'm called D, and I'm an American living in Derbyshire, England. I'll be 20 next week, I'm married, and I have a 10.5 month old son. I'm currently working towards getting rid of the negativity and weight in my life and replacing it with a better, happier, me for myself and for my family.

My current plan of action involved me taking all the negative groups off of my friend's list and reaplcing them with ones like this, changing the programmes I watch on TV, and making better choices on what I read and eat. I'm using a few books that I found in the library, one especially about aligning chakras seemed really common sense and I'm using the lists in the back of each chapter as a step-by-step guide on cleaning out the bad and bring back the happiness into my life, and that of my family and those around me.

I'm hoping to use this community as a way to surround myself with positivity rather than all the pain and hatred that surrounds us in the media and world today. I'm hoping to connect with other people who want a happier life.

Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 35)

Bonne nuit, mes amis!

Methinks there are a lot of people out there in the world who sometimes wake up and wonder why they even bother. Actually, methinks most everyone has had a day or two like that. And do you know what's the perfect solution to one of those bad days? A day spent at the beach!

It's hard to think that the world is worthless when you're relaxing on the beach. It might take some work to get to one, especially if you live where it's cold, or if it's winter, but it's always well worth it! The anticipation just makes it better when you get there.

And when you go to the beach, if you go there very early or very late, no one else is there! And it's all so pretty and quiet...and the ocean sounds nice. It's very calming. And if you go there just a little earlier or stay a little earlier, depending on where the beach is, you could see a sunrise or a sunset. And there's not much more on Earth more beautiful than one of those. And I've seen a lot of things here! ^^

Even if you can't get to somewhere like a beach, sometimes the best thing to cure a bad case of being tired with the world is a day off. There's a reason why people like vacations so much, after all! It doesn't have to be far away--methinks it's possible to have a vacation in your own home. All that's needed is a little peace and quiet. And a litte of that can definately go a long way!

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

Daily Dose of Sunshine (no. 34)

Hello, friends!

Methinks the person who came up with the idea of swimming pools deserves an award!

For all of us living in the northern parts of the world, it’s summer time right now. And where I live, it’s really summertime! But even though it’s hot out, it doesn’t mean that we all have to stay inside...because of things like swimming pools!

Isn’t jumping into a swimming pool on a hot day a wonderful feeling? It’s fun...almost like going into another world when you go underwater. The water’s clear and sparkly, not like water in the ocean. (Though the water in the ocean is nice too...just in a different way.). And there’s all sorts of fun games and things to do in them! And even if you don’t have one of your own, lots of cities have public swimming pools. Or, if you’re lucky, a friend might have one. Then you could have a pool party! And wouldn’t that be lots of fun?

Methinks despite all the heat, and the trouble that it causes, summer is worth it for things like swimming pools. You just have to look at all the good things the heat brings instead of the bad. You’d never get to swim if it never got warm...so don’t be sad because it’s too hot to go out and do things you usually do...try something different! Variety is what makes life fun, after all!

With lots of love and hugs, your friend,

If this doesn't make you laugh...

You must not have a soul. That, or you just don't really like puns.

The first time I stole, it really was a sin
I stole a shotgun made of gelatin
This thievery is something I should have thought on
'cause the next day I was arrested for wielding a congealed weapon...