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Cheer Up, Dearie!

Don't be Blue, We Love You!

The Coalition for Happy Thoughts
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Are you tired of depressing livejournals? Dismal livejournals, cruel livejournals, elitist livejournals?

Are you tired of the depression and weariness of the modern world, of typical life?

...have you met Mirk?

No matter if it's depression that ails you, or just a bad cold or a bad day, this journal is here to try to improve your mood and life. With a Daily Dose of Sunshine, stories, pictures, hugs, fluffy kitties...this journal is here to spread happiness and friendship in a world that is all-too-often cruel and inhospitable.

Check out the Memories for our Mission Statement, Goals, Features and Goodies, Background Information, and other nifty shiny things. Or jump right in! Whatever puts a smile on your face. ^^

Hugs and fluffies for all!


General Dudette in Charge of Upkeep and General Writer of Things


Frenchman in Charge of Happy Thoughts and Often-times Subject of Said Written Things

((Questions? Comments? Want to help spread the love? Drop us a line and we'll see that you get what you need!))